Right hepatectomy/Liver surgery/Liver metastasis from colon cancer/Dr. Prasad Wagle/Edusurg Clinics

Right hepatectomy

Right hepatectomy with liver metastatectomy video for a liver surgery performed for colon cancer-related liver metastasis by Dr. Prasad Wagle, Dr. Gunjan Desai, and Dr. Prasad Pande from liver and digestive diseases clinic, Lilavati hospital, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

This surgery requires a lot of preoperative planning and treatment in a sequential manner for a long term survival after colon cancer diagnosis in stage IV cancer. This patient presented with stage IV colon cancer and was managed with neoadjuvant chemotherapy followed by assessment for simultaneous colon and liver resection as she had a good response to chemotherapy. She underwent portal vein embolization as the future liver remnant was inadequate for the extensive resection planned.

She had a good response after portal vein embolization and hence, was then planned for a right hepatectomy liver surgery with liver metastatectomy for her liver metastasis from colon cancer by Dr. Prasad Wagle.

The video highlights the key steps of this surgery

  • Right triangular ligament dissection
  • Retrohepatic vena cava dissection
  • Extrahepatic dissection and looping of the right hepatic vein
  • Right glissonian pedicle approach
  • Parenchymal transection using the conventional kelly clysis
  • Pedicle divisiona and right hepatic vein division using the vascular stapling device
  • Middle vein preservation by dissection in the correct plane.

Have a look at this video to understand the planning and execution of this complex surgery:https://youtu.be/1eERePIusRo