Gall bladder cancer - Hilar cholangiocarcinoma - Multidisciplinary cancer management | Zoom webinar

Cancer management always needs a multidisciplinary approach and this online webinar by edusurg discusses this for gall bladder cancer and hilar cholangiocarcinoma.


The webinar begins with Imaging basics of these two cancers by radiology consultant Dr. Amar Suri from the divine diagnostic hub, Ahmedabad, wherein we discuss the key questions of CT scan v/s MRI, CT scan abdomen, and CT scan with contrast for gall bladder cancer and hilar cholangiocarcinoma. The talk also gives a few CT scan results and ct scan images to help get a visual idea of the Bismuth Corlette classification as well as the morphological types of hilar cholangiocarcinoma as well as the mimics of gall bladder cancer.

This talk is followed by an amazing overview of the role of medical gastroenterologists by one of the very experienced doctors in the field Dr. Aniruddha Phadke, who highlights the importance of attention to each and every detail in planning management in these patients as well as gives an idea on selecting endoscopy procedure, types of endoscopy, the role of endoscopic biopsy, biliary drainage, ERCP, palliative biliary drainage, role of SEMS as well as plastic stents in hilar blocks, endoscopic ultrasound as well as percutaneous biliary drainage. He also gives a brief overview of the advances in the diagnosis of hilar cholangiocarcinoma.

The next talk by Dr. Prasad Pande, the consultant hepatobiliary surgeon focuses on the upcoming serious issue of incidental gall bladder cancer with some preventive and management tips and tricks during laparoscopic cholecystectomy followed by management of gall bladder cancer by open cholecystectomy and radical cholecystectomy with prime focus on perioperative care and planning.

This is followed by a wonderful and in-depth overview of the surgical management of hilar cholangiocarcinoma again with a significant focus on preoperative planning, optimization, future liver remnant assessment, and augmentation as well as preoperative biliary drainage. This is followed by some excellent case snippets and an intraoperative pictorial view of the liver resection surgery for hilar cholangiocarcinoma. The talk ends with a working ALGORITHM based on his enormous experience to manage these patients.

The medical oncology talk by an American board-certified medical oncologist of our multi-disciplinary team Dr. Mohan Menon is a state of the art review of the current recommendations and guidelines as well as ongoing trials in chemotherapy and immunotherapy for biliary tract cancer. He gives an in-depth overview of the chemotherapy types, side effects of chemotherapy, adjuvant chemotherapy as well as palliative chemotherapy. The talk summarizes the advances in the field as well.

We, the team are very sure that this webinar will give you a complete overview of the management of biliary tract cancers – gall bladder cancer and hilar cholangiocarcinoma.