Achalasia Cardia Management

This video on achalasia cardia management by Dr. Prasad Pande highlights its clinical features, investigations, diagnosis, alarm signs, and management options including open or laparoscopic heller’s myotomy, POEM (Peroral endoscopic myotomy), and also the options for failed initial management.

The talk is followed by a discussion on some key questions related to this topic such as – What to do after a failed Heller’s myotomy or failed POEM?, Which fundoplication to do and when, and so on. The discussion involves senior gastrointestinal surgeons in Mumbai and Nagpur – Dr. Paresh Varty, Dr. Prasad Wagle, and Dr. Rajvilas Narkhede.

The video also provides a detailed overview of the signs and symptoms of achalasia of the esophagus, the diagnostic modalities of the esophagus – Barium swallow, high-resolution manometry, and upper gastrointestinal endoscopy and then also elaborates on the Chicago classification of esophageal motility disorders to discuss on the types of #Achalasia and type based management.

It then discusses the causes of failure of management and possible solutions for these failures as well as the Eckardt score for assessing the response to treatment. This is followed by a short question and answer session as well as the role of esophagectomy in achalasia.