Open Inguinal hernia surgery

An inguinal hernia is one of the most commonly seen cases in our general surgery residency. This video describes and showcases one of the commonest surgeries that we perform in the early days of our careers. The video is for a right inguinal hernia repair (male patient). It is a step by step demonstration of inguinal hernia surgery by open technique.

Inguinal or Groin hernia repair is commonly known as Lichenstein’s repair. With the advent of laparoscopic trans-abdominal preperitoneal or total intraperitoneal repair approaches, open hernia surgery is not commonly performed and hence, may be difficult for the upcoming surgeons to master.

This video shows the classical Lichentein repair with only one or two differences from the originally described technique. One difference is that the cord is not lifted when we operate and this is because it avoids cord edema in the postoperative period. The second difference is that in the Originally described technique, the inferior sutures to mesh are taken in a continuous manner. However, we take interrupted stitches.

The video can also help patients understand what is inguinal hernia surgery? This is one of the standard techniques of inguinal or groin hernia repair with mesh and should help all students to revise the surgery steps and reproduce it in exams as well as in operation theatre. So, let us enjoy the video now @Columbia University Department of Surgery and @Cleveland Clinic.