Frequently asked questions on liver cirrhosis and liver cancer

On this world liver day – April 19, 2021, Dr. Prasad Wagle, consultant gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary surgeon, Lilavati hospital and ACI Cumbala hill hospital, shares his knowledge to answer the frequently asked questions on liver cirrhosis and liver cancer, in an attempt to spread awareness on the issues related to chronic liver disease and the factors that cause as well as prevent it.

The talk begins by enumerating the functions of the liver followed by the different diseases that can affect the liver such as hepatitis, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), Alcoholic liver disease as well as genetic and hereditary disorders. He then describes what is liver cirrhosis or chronic liver disease and what are its complications. He describes the progression of liver disease and its various manifestations as well as the stages of liver disease.

The talk also focuses on liver failure and its effects and answers the question of what all measures can be taken to keep the liver healthy. He then discusses the risk factors for liver cancer, the stages of liver cancer, and its various treatment options as well as management of liver cancer.


  1. Curative options including surgery/ hepatectomy for liver cancer, ablation which can be radiofrequency ablation, or microwave ablation and liver transplantation are discussed for the early-stage disease.
  2. Down staging the large liver cancer by embolization as well as the role of interventional radiology viz. transarterial chemo-embolization (TACE) procedure, Trans-arterial radioembolization (TARE) are next discussed.
  3. The presence of inoperable disease or unfit patient and/or liver as per the child Turcotte pugh selection criteria for Sorafenib, lenvatinib, regorafenib, ramucirumab, and role of immunotherapy in liver cancer are next discussed as disease control measures.
  4. Role of best supportive care in the end-stage disease is also discussed along with the treatment of the underlying cause of cirrhosis in each category.

Towards the end, the talk also focuses on SCREENING recommendations and measures that can help in the prevention or early detection of liver cancer. This is a must-watch video for everyone who wishes to be aware of liver cancer and to spread awareness on the same. So, let us have a look at the video and do share it to spread awareness and prevent or reduce the incidence of liver diseases.